Saturday, April 24, 2004
Internet Banking Fees

Beginning of the end of fee-free internet banking - only a matter of time...
Friday, April 23, 2004
"Fake" Hostages Return to Japan
The Japanese Threesome who scared the bejesus out of Japan and the rest of the world are looking like a bunch of pranksters who went too far. Can this be real? I think I'd look scared if some large Iraqi's held a knife to my throat and asked me to be frightened. It all seems a little weird and the conspiracy theorist in all of us could say this is a massive discrediting exercise conducted by the Japanese Government. Who knows? What is weird is some of the correspondance on the Japan Today Website concerning this story, such as:

I think thy were scared that
thy would have to go back to Japan
specially the lady way past her sell by date guarded by tall
handsome Figures must have thought
i have been kidnapped and gone to heaven.
Old laddies pay big bucks to stay in North Africa middle east and be surrounded by exotic men she was doing it on the cheap


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