Thursday, May 06, 2004
Guess What? - Iraq's a Mess

You know things are going poorly for the Coalition of the willing when Greg Sheridan of the Australian suddenly sees sense and calls for a greater UN involvement in Iraq and world affairs. It's about time.

The horrible photo's of Iraqi prisoners being abused in US and British jails should serve as a wakeup call for all those neo-con sycophants out there - it's a bloody mess. As media reports and recent books are dissecting the war, a few facts are becoming clear. The first obvious one is that the Bush administration hunted for the right excuse to go to war with Iraq, with some pundits claiming that Bush and the gang were ready to go well before 9/11 and since then, Iraq has served as a nasty distraction from the real war on terror. The fundamental reason for going to war was wrong - Iraq was not a danger to the west and any WMD could of been contained. Maybe if they just went in for the liberation argument the situation would different now? In any case, in their eagerness to 'get' Saddam, the US now 'owns' Iraq and its 25 million occupants and surprise surprise, they don't like their liberators! The extremely myopic view of the Bush Whitehouse that they would be welcomed like heroes after some victorious battle in a B grade movie was, to say the least, optimistic.

I could go on with other examples - but probably the most unpalatable consequence of the Iraqi situation is the incredible effort that is now required to ensure world security. Now that the west has invaded - we have a moral duty to remain in Iraq and build a stable country before leaving - this will take many years and many billions of dollars. Leaving now would only pave the way for a fundamentalist, terror friendly dictator to take the reigns, one I suspect who would make Saddam look rather nice. Isn't this the situation we were trying to avoid? In their messianistic zeal to get Saddam, the allies have created an expensive, resource draining situation. To leave now would only create another terrorist threat on top of the others which, by the way, we also need to fund and fight.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Got some fan mail from 'K'...

I read some of your input Jock on your Blogspot - I agree with the Labour article. Latham will have to be careful he doesn't blow it and let Howard connive his way back and persuade people to vote for him again. Kim would be good as leader but also Kevin Rudd - anybody except Howard (and the rest of the dickhead Liberal Party) for the next Prime Minister of Australia. And I think that Allan Jones and Flint probably both rooting each other should be taken to court and charged. Perhaps you have given me an outlet for all my pent-up emotions Jock, on your Blogspot.

Looks like you have some unique insights into Australian political life. Maintain the rage 'K'.

Monday, May 03, 2004
Costello gets taxpayers salivating

Peter Costello is about to hand down yet another budget - one he didn't plan on putting together twelve months ago - then again he probably didn't think he'd be doing that one either. This is an election budget too - with everyone hoping and expecting a large tax break. This expectation has been building since last May with the "sandwich and milkshake" tax cut the first sweetener for the electorate. The voting public has also been suitably encouraged with the line that we are being taxed at the highest rate in history - further raising the tax cut bar.

Costello and the Libs therefore, will be aiming to impress. The recent rise of Latham Labor will need quashing and nothing works better than excitation of the hip-pocket-nerve. What the tax cuts won't do is salve the electorate's concerns about adequate funding of services such as health, roads and education. But in a divine political checkmate, Labor will need to roll back some of the Costello tax cuts in order to fund its promises. So who wants to hand some money back to the Government? It's a neat fit of Liberal Party ideology and cunning election year strategy.

Labor will need to work extra hard for every vote and Latham will come under real pressure to deliver making the run to election an entertaining time for the pundits.
Sunday, May 02, 2004

You've got to hand it to the Greens - when things get tough, like climate change, salinity problems and terrorism looming everywhere - they have the right policies at the right time - Like uniform cannabis laws for all! Keep up the good work.

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