Thursday, May 27, 2004
Let's get real
I must be addicted to blogging or I wouldn't take the time to write a post on holidays...

Just a quick one to point the excellent article by Paul Kelly in the Oz summarising Anthony Cordesman's submission to the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee. This points out a few home truths for he US in Iraq and spells out a realisitic stance thet neither the ideological left or right can currently implement. It calls for a practical solution to Iraq, with Iraqis deciding on their fate through the support of the UN underpinned by US military and economic aid. What is most encouraging is the stance that Iraq be made to take responsibility for their country and make it clear that the world will walk away if they descend into a totalitarian regime.

It also paints a future that will be challanged by terrorism and small but important regional conficts or situations that will be need to be addressed with a range of tools, not just military.

Paul Kelly then asks how Australia is positioned to face this new world. In my opinion, not at all. Just listening to rhetoric of the PM at his recent Institute of Public Affairs speech makes your heart sink. Australia is signed up as a fully paid neo-con subscriber, even as the US is rapidly changeing its stance. It reveals the Australia's foreign policy is little more than a reflection or best guess at what our dear and powerful friend might like to hear. This is dangerous and completely leaves Australia at the mercy of events in the South East Asian region rather than facing them with Australia's best interests at heart, rather than the US.

Sunday, May 23, 2004
'K' developing fan base

Here you are 'K', words of support from the bloggosphere...

Always enjoy reading your fan mail. Good onya K. We need more straight-shooting ragers like you!

An amused fellow-fan


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